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The Pleasures of ‘Defeat’

There is always a radical approach used in finding out hidden answers. For instance, while reading randomly, I came across a scientist who wanted to know just how long one can keep on blinking after decapitation. His name? Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier (1794). Strange isn’t it? The keyword here is “radical”, and not whether he was right or […]

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Respect, Not Admiration

But how do we attain the heights where great men reached? Or how do we distinguish between TRUE and FALSE greatness, to begin with? Understanding these two (2) questions should grant the reader some reprieve as regards the question – of SATISFACTION, of CONTENTMENT and of FULFILMENT. From the latter question, greatness that offshoots from […]

“If YOU like, GO and DIE”

Scenario 1 You enter a room. You are ‘greeted’ with a horrible smell which technically put, is the perception of odorants by our brains. By some twist of fate, you remain in that room (against your wishes of course) and BOOM! A Miracle: you can’t seem to perceive that smell anymore. This phenomenon is called […]

“Smart” Luggage vs Standard Carry-Ons

These days, parents seem to treat lunch-packing like a competitive sport, producing some truly artistic mid-day meals for their youngsters. Not all parents are gifted in the ways of ham origami, but that doesn’t mean their children should suffer from lackluster presentation. Follow these tips, and you’ll craft a lunch that will really impress. Just […]

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5 Sure Ways to Deal with Rejection

Rejection No one is sure of anything. In fact, the proof that we are humans is that there is always a large degree of error in our certainty. However, what makes us humane is the ability to put in proactive measures – measures that could preclude our errors/mistakes. There are two (2) solid ways rejections […]

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The Black Man in The Coffin

The Precursor “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter” – Martin Luther King Jnr. [Tweet “”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter” – Martin Luther King Jnr.”] Some days ago, I watched on youtube a scene where some white men […]

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Why Expectations are Not Necessary in Your Relationship

The Myth of Trust Trust is the emotional backbone of every meaningful relationship. Trust is the surname of love. [Tweet “Trust is the emotional backbone of every relationship. Trust is the surname of love.”]  The “Scientific American” describes the development of trust as an essential social tool, allowing people to form productive and meaningful relationships, […]