Tech is life and life is tech - especially in the 21st century. What more accurate description of humans becoming more automated and computers becoming more human (humane?). It is unavoidable - mentioning the overviews and intricacies that surround the tech world in general.

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Consuming a Nuget Package using Visual Studio

In the article we discussed how to deploy a private Nuget server, we saw the merits of giving versioning and dependency management to projects or solutions, being worked on in a team, for instance. To consume the package(s) pushed to the feed through the nuget.exe command prompt, we need to add the package source to Visual Studio. This can be done by: Clicking “Tools”. Clicking on “Options”. Expanding the “Nuget package manager” list item and selecting package sources. The next…

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How to Build and Deploy a Private Nuget Server on IIS

1.1      Introduction In most scenarios, your programming peers only need the features that your library offers, not the burden that comes with constantly adding your project(s) to their solution and keeping the copies of same up to date. Of the numerous advantages, packages give versioning and dependency management, while encouraging a distribution model made of small, self-contained files. The Case for the Private Nuget feed option There are three local feeds options, namely, the local feed, the Nuget.Server feed and…

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“The End Game” – 7 Things I Learnt from my Microsoft Internship Experience

The End Game In the game of chess, players are most often known by two things: One, their opening move - that is, how they start a game, and their ending move(s) - otherwise called the end game. More often that not, names (of masters of chess) are given to how a chess piece is moved at the beginning of the game, but it is unlikely to find names given to how chess games. This is because the end is always strewn with a…

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3 Things I Learned in March: my Microsoft Interns4Afrika Experience

The Epiphany You could consider it an epiphany of sorts. At exactly 10:43A.M on the 20th of February, 2017 I received the mail above from Just like many other job applications I had made in the past, I had already resigned to fate probably seeing this application as one out of many that will go through the very familiar routine of rejection. Or was the jinx broken? A sprinkling of pessimistic thoughts welled up within me as I remunerated on…