Relationships make "no-man's-lands" to become extremely habitable. We covet it always as humans. We cannot do without it as beings. It is something that comes in desirable anywhere and everywhere.

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8 Ways to End Up in the FRIEND ZONE for Guys in 2017

The often-skipped and avoided topic - the friend zone. Many times skipping the topic is as a result of bruised egos and untrue fantasies. The question remains more often than not "why do some guys (especially the 'good' guys) end up being friendzoned?".  First of all, before I list out what makes a guy friendzoned, I have to make work on certain assumptions: Assumption: I am referring to LADIES, with a capital "L", NOT "slay queens", or "k-legged-picture-snapping", or "duck-faced pouting-lipped, adventure-seeking" girls.…

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The Book of Romance chapter INTIMACY

It is rather straightforward. In reality, the more you have something, the more you really don't have the desire to have more of it. This is what Economics refers to as the law of diminishing returns (sorry for introducing a 'boring' concept for those who hate Economics). For example, no matter how you someone loves DRINKING ALCOHOL, one of these 'days' you will probably get tired of those bottles of alcohols and look for solace in a deep disquieted sleep. For starters, the topic…

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Why Expectations are Not Necessary in Your Relationship

The Myth of Trust Trust is the emotional backbone of every meaningful relationship. Trust is the surname of love. [Tweet "Trust is the emotional backbone of every relationship. Trust is the surname of love."]  The "Scientific American" describes the development of trust as an essential social tool, allowing people to form productive and meaningful relationships, both at a professional and personal level. This statement stands as a beacon when issues relating to trust between a couple is brought up. How do…