The journey through learning, work and other facets of an individual's occupational transitions. Successes and failures are aptly distinguished as it affects a given career success or "failure".

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The end game unodiscuss

“The End Game” – 7 Things I Learnt from my Microsoft Internship Experience

The End Game In the game of chess, players are most often known by two things: One, their opening move - that is, how they start a game, and their ending move(s) - otherwise called the end game. More often that not, names (of masters of chess) are given to how a chess piece is moved at the beginning of the game, but it is unlikely to find names given to how chess games. This is because the end is always strewn with a…

covenant university analysis

Affording Covenant University (C.U): A Symbol of ‘Bondage’ or ‘Freedom’?

The Ota-based archetype of private University education has been in the news recently for a variety of reasons - some totally explicable, others beating even the most intuitive of imagination. Well, the choice of the word "archetype" is intended to portray a telling insight of the overriding influence she has on other private institutions - a model of sorts. For the purpose of this piece in any case, attention should be drawn by you to adjudge for yourself as to…

internship unodiscuss

3 Things I Learned in March: my Microsoft Interns4Afrika Experience

The Epiphany You could consider it an epiphany of sorts. At exactly 10:43A.M on the 20th of February, 2017 I received the mail above from Just like many other job applications I had made in the past, I had already resigned to fate probably seeing this application as one out of many that will go through the very familiar routine of rejection. Or was the jinx broken? A sprinkling of pessimistic thoughts welled up within me as I remunerated on…

bitcoin crypto unodiscuss

Making Money Using Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency in 2017?

It is undebatable - Cryptocurrency. Everyone wants to make money - "through what and by what?"- remains quite the question to be answered. Risk is one characteristic of a money-minded individual universally accepted as the trunk of entrepreneurship. However, when does risk become too risky? Or should we take risks for the sake of taking risks? The Cryptocurrency has become the rave of the moment in online earnings. Indeed, Cryptocurrencies had always been relegated to theoretical postulations and other boring…

intelligence unodiscuss

How to Know When Someone is More Intelligent than You

We are all faced with the fortunate experience of meeting new people, new individuals from all works of life. However, we are also inundated with the unfortunate prospect of being misunderstood by those we come in contact with. Sometimes, this is due to the fact that those who may likely misunderstand us, are not usually up to par - granted. However, what if the primary reason for which we were misunderstood was because we ourselves were not up to par…

rejection unodiscuss

5 Sure Ways to Deal with Rejection

Rejection No one is sure of anything. In fact, the proof that we are humans is that there is always a large degree of error in our certainty. However, what makes us humane is the ability to put in proactive measures - measures that could preclude our errors/mistakes. There are two (2) solid ways rejections are mostly felt: (A) Emotions / Affections "Everyone needs someone" - this goes without saying. We are social creatures, and we do have cravings. Emotional…