Consuming a Nuget Package using Visual Studio

In the article we discussed how to deploy a private Nuget server, we saw the merits of giving versioning and dependency management to projects or solutions, being worked on in a team, for instance. To consume the package(s) pushed to the feed through the nuget.exe command prompt, we need to add the package source to Visual Studio. This can be done by: Clicking “Tools”. Clicking on “Options”. Expanding the “Nuget package manager” list item and selecting package sources. The next…

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How to Build and Deploy a Private Nuget Server on IIS

1.1      Introduction In most scenarios, your programming peers only need the features that your library offers, not the burden that comes with constantly adding your project(s) to their solution and keeping the copies of same up to date. Of the numerous advantages, packages give versioning and dependency management, while encouraging a distribution model made of small, self-contained files. The Case for the Private Nuget feed option There are three local feeds options, namely, the local feed, the Nuget.Server feed and…

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Tasha Cobbs ft Nicki Minaj: A Critical View on Why Spirits Should Not Mix

"Spirits don't mix" - Tasha Cobbs ft Nicki Minaj If you drink, read that again. Lol. The best advice my dad ever gave me was "spirits don't mix". He was referring to both the physical spirits and the " spiritual" Spirits. I wonder why great men - even Jesus (on earth) used the wine illustration. Remember "you don't put old wine in new skins..."? My dad was qualified for that statement. He was known as a heavy drinker and a…

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“The End Game” – 7 Things I Learnt from my Microsoft Internship Experience

The End Game In the game of chess, players are most often known by two things: One, their opening move - that is, how they start a game, and their ending move(s) - otherwise called the end game. More often that not, names (of masters of chess) are given to how a chess piece is moved at the beginning of the game, but it is unlikely to find names given to how chess games. This is because the end is always strewn with a…

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8 Ways to End Up in the FRIEND ZONE for Guys in 2017

The often-skipped and avoided topic - the friend zone. Many times skipping the topic is as a result of bruised egos and untrue fantasies. The question remains more often than not "why do some guys (especially the 'good' guys) end up being friendzoned?".  First of all, before I list out what makes a guy friendzoned, I have to make work on certain assumptions: Assumption: I am referring to LADIES, with a capital "L", NOT "slay queens", or "k-legged-picture-snapping", or "duck-faced pouting-lipped, adventure-seeking" girls.…

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4 Lessons Anyone can Learn from Real Madrid’s 2017 CL Victory

One of the worst feelings ever is waiting for something you can hardly wait for. The anxiety, the pent up expectation, the nostalgia, combine each of this 'ingredients' as it were, into a capsule; swallow it, the resultant effect begins to do justice to the kind of feeling I am talking about. For football fans and fanatics alike, it was if a superpower should be granted one and all - to fast forward the apparently sluggishly-moving time, so as to watch one…

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Is it Right to “Debate” on Issues of the Bible?

This question has been on my mind right from my University days. From home to Church to school, I have always been met by advisers who said, "Hey, this is the Bible, don't debate on it, whenever I attempted probing them about my thoughts. Well, the book of Proverbs (Proverbs 24:6) said in the multitude of advisers there is safety, but I wasn't safe; for I was surrounded dangerously by questions that squeezed my thoughts. As I pondered on this,…

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Affording Covenant University (C.U): A Symbol of ‘Bondage’ or ‘Freedom’?

The Ota-based archetype of private University education has been in the news recently for a variety of reasons - some totally explicable, others beating even the most intuitive of imagination. Well, the choice of the word "archetype" is intended to portray a telling insight of the overriding influence she has on other private institutions - a model of sorts. For the purpose of this piece in any case, attention should be drawn by you to adjudge for yourself as to…

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Why the Journey is more important than the Destination

Let your joy be in your journey - not in some distant goal. - Tim Cook The sirens from the flower-decked convoy of wedding revelers blared as the excitement in the air contagiously affected one and all. It was a massively anticipated ceremony. The bride, ever gorgeous - both in gait and poise smiled shyly as she came down from her customized car. This wasn't the usual wedding. This was the gathering of the high and mighty - individuals with…

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3 Things I Learned in March: my Microsoft Interns4Afrika Experience

The Epiphany You could consider it an epiphany of sorts. At exactly 10:43A.M on the 20th of February, 2017 I received the mail above from Just like many other job applications I had made in the past, I had already resigned to fate probably seeing this application as one out of many that will go through the very familiar routine of rejection. Or was the jinx broken? A sprinkling of pessimistic thoughts welled up within me as I remunerated on…