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What is the Concept Behind UnoDiscuss – “the One” Platform?

Like every other field of human endeavour, understanding the concept – or what you may call the idea, cannot be overstretched. The UnoDiscuss concept was borne out of the need to share varied information gotten over one’s years.

Meanings ascribed to Uno

  1. Numero Uno – The Latin phrase for ‘Number One’. It sure does feel good to be placed at the top of the stack. Let’s hope the stack isn’t made up of needles anyway, so we won’t come crashing down. lol. UnoDiscuss is a potential ‘Number One’ Platform for sharing ideas and knowledge. If you may, you could refer to it as the “First Point for Knowledge Sharing”.

  2. “You Know” – UnoDiscuss is based on the idea of YOU, yes, YOU, sharing that singular thought or experience, which you may deem ‘not important’. Someone may be asking, “uhm, well, I don’t consider myself at the top of the food chain of experience”. For instance, you might rightly suppose that, your ‘limited’ experience limits your voicing out on salient issues. I beg to differ. There is a difference between ‘inspired knowledge’ and ‘learned knowledge’. Age or experience works for the latter, but is non-existent for the former. Inspire someone with your inspired knowledge.

So how does this work? Don’t get carried away with the fact that this is a personal blog/ website. I don’t exist for myself. You could always message me if you have an experience you want to share. An outstanding news/testimony, whatever! Trust me, I won’t hesitate to oblige.

Well, you may also be seeking for advice on issues ranging from personal, moral, philosophical, religious, intellectual subjects. Hey, I don’t have all the answers, but I, affirmatively, will direct you to those who do. We exist for each other. Let that sink in dears.

Meet the Founder, UnoDiscuss

Johnmark is the name. Some call me John, others call me Mark. Could be confusing in certain scenarios, believe me. I Studied Computer Science as an Undergraduate. Specialized in “Digital Signature” Techniques in my Masters Degree. Let me not bore you with geeky stuff.

I have a massive interest span, ranging from the physical to the metaphysical.

Life (as we know it) is filled with controversies. Questions, that lead to more questions. How do we navigate through the ‘uneventualities’, disillusionment(s), disappointments and surprisingly, uncontrollable joys? Patience is the answer. But for how long?

Join me as we navigate this maze of knowledge ‘share-in’ and ‘share-outs’. Your views and opinions merged with mine will make a great life-delicacy, trust me.

I play the piano – many genres in fact. I love playing chess -at intermediate level. I am still honing my skills at kick boxing, lol, so if you have some upgraded tutorials, please don’t hesitate to hit me up. By the way, I also enjoy playing football. I know what you are thinking. Yeah, it’s worse, I never scored more than 5 goals my entire career. Not giving up anytime soon though. I love you all.

Keep glowing. Share Forward.

Founder, UnoDiscuss,


Johnmark Obiefuna

E-mail: contact@unodiscuss.com

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