“Spirits don’t mix” – Tasha Cobbs ft Nicki Minaj

If you drink, read that again. Lol.

The best advice my dad ever gave me was “spirits don’t mix”. He was referring to both the physical spirits and the ” spiritual” Spirits.

I wonder why great men – even Jesus (on earth) used the wine illustration. Remember “you don’t put old wine in new skins…”?

My dad was qualified for that statement. He was known as a heavy drinker and a carrier of a village masquerade before he repented. He made me know about “the clash of the Spirits” long before I watched “the clash of the titans”.

When I saw Tasha ft Nicki Minaj, the advise popped in my brain. And I want to raise several arguments “for” and attempt to void it.

1. What if Tasha was “led”?

This attempts to use the proof of contradiction to justify the collabo. It is like saying don’t judge a person for “doing” something if you can’t judge “why” he/she did it.

Now observe this scenario of the law of contradiction: You caught your child “taking” meat from the pot, with all the evidence of course. You ask him, “why did you take the meat?”, he says “I was led”. How do you prove that he wasn’t led? Contradicting his position gives you the responsibility of verifying your claim. Your leading is nonsense without a standard – the Bible. That is why in pentecostalism these days, any mad man can give any deranged advice and claim to be “led”, and of course, expects us to prove it.

a spirits woman

There are three valid forms of verifying a leading in the Bible I know of: One is by “testing of Spirits”. You just know something isn’t right. Two, by the word – the Bible. Three, by witnesses. Let me emphasize on the third one.

You probably know a former “Boko Haramite” in the Bible – Paul the Apostle. A blood sucking terrorist of enormous proportions. Suddenly, he claimed to be born again. Haha. See wahalaBarnabas got the revelation he was born again, but what happened? Did the Church (at large) immediately accept Paul because Barnabas, an elder, claimed to be led?

Bros. Barnabas had to take Paul to the elders – as qualified WITNESSES, for proper verification.

If you read church history, you will know this didn’t start now, so this is just history repeating itself. “Unitarianism” or “Unitarian ideology” has been there before in the orthodox assemblies. Now, pentecostalism has taken over. That is why men like Joel Osteen can pray this way: “In the name of everything holy…”, and call it “being led”.


So, don’t believe the “leading” of anyone, even yours if it doesn’t follow the three proofs above. Even Jesus had to go through them.

2. We must have love

When modern day Christians can’t withstand the flame of criticism, they introduce the doctrine of love. From Tasha ft Nicki, the argument arose again. I love Nicki Minaj, and have listened to her song “Anaconda”, but there is something terribly wrong with a Tasha and a Nicki singing (about what?).

I personally won’t go to a Don Moen ft Chris Brown Concert or a Deitrick Haddon ft. 2Chainz concert. What many people who say “talk with love” won’t tell you is that love has boundariesThe same Jesus you claim had love and interacted with Pharisees and sinners also used a whip to chase people out of the temple. So what are you saying? You can love a witch without being in love with a witch. “Love” shouldn’t stop you from saying the truth even if the truth hurts – like it always does.

Know the boundaries of love, caring brother and sister.

3. The Drama ministry is not as easily condemned as the Music Ministry

Ask any half-baked theologian from any half-baked theology school, they will tell you there is nothing like a “Drama Ministry”.

Actually, though a little extreme, men like John Wesley considered “Drama” a form of self-indulgence. So we can draw a middle line and say, Drama is useful for illustrative purposes in the ministry of Evangelism. In the same vein, you don’t have “a dancing ministry”. Oh God, who brings up these terms?

The peculiarity of the Ministry of Music rests on the fact that it existed before Paul the Apostle drafted his epistle to the Ephesians. Minstrels have always existed, both good and bad, to communicate and worship spirits.

4. The will of God is all that matters

This is in the same light with “the end justifies the means”. In other words, any how it happens, any way it happens, let God take the glory. No, God has many ways of acting – which I cannot claim fathom, but one way of taking the glory – through the right channel – the Holy Spirit.

An incident happened in the book of Acts for which I will be eternally grateful for if I was in Paul’s shoes.

Imagine you are preaching somewhere, and a lady keeps on assenting to what you are saying. What greater joy for any preacher? I’m sure some mushroom churches will term it “CONFIRMING his words with signs following”. Paul didn’t. He knew the end is not all that mattered. God values the process as much as the end.

The process and the channel through which the process takes place is just as important, if not more important than the end result.

The question remains: If Paul had not rebuked that little witch, will God still have been glorified?

As a Christian, ponder on that.nI’m not perfect, but I’m particular as to what channel I take through to arrive at a process.

I tell people, the 10 best people in any field (from business, science and art) are not atheists. Why? They all have a SOURCE. You really think you should take just anybody seriously because he has left what he is known for for something else? I think not.

This is the reason these days, why someone will probably go to ogboni and make money and then come to church and give thanksgiving, with the Pastor smiling sheepishly. You can’t even begin to account for the consequences of mixing spirits.

There is a difference between Jesus talking with Pharisees about “who the son of David is” and Jesus inviting a Pharisee to be a guest speaker at the sermon on the mount.

Don’t mix spirits; Unless you want to live in denial of the foundation of your beliefs.