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One of the worst feelings ever is waiting for something you can hardly wait for. The anxiety, the pent up expectation, the nostalgia, combine each of this ‘ingredients’ as it were, into a capsule; swallow it, the resultant effect begins to do justice to the kind of feeling I am talking about.

For football fans and fanatics alike, it was if a superpower should be granted one and all – to fast forward the apparently sluggishly-moving time, so as to watch one of the most coveted matches in Champions League history. One of the best attacks against one of the best defenses. 

Permit me to show my soft spot. I actually felt more anxious than those who would actually play the match. As they trudged towards the pitch (after a ‘wonderful’ black-eyed peas performance), don’t say I told you, but I saw myself amidst them too. Not knowing the exact lyrics of the anthem being sung, I ‘chewed’ my mouth with a passionate gusto.

After the kickoff, the jitters became laughable. As I contoured my frame to every other pass made in the pitch. My body screaming in anticipation, genuflecting more than Zidane and Allegri (coaches of Real Madrid and Juventus respectively) as I would not be outdone by their below-par outfield displays.

Long story short – sorry, the details are classified, after the thrilling match, I started out of the football viewing center (did I mention I preferred public viewing centers? Never mind) winning the man of the match in my illusions. Never been prouder. There was no more waiting for, for what I could hardly wait for.

As I pondered on the match, on my bed for real this time, I began to glean lessons from this classic I just witnessed.

Follow me as I show you six (6) powerful thoughts worth taking note of. Some are funny, others are more stern. Let’s go!

#1 There is something in a name!

“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare queried. His query was not without basis, for he went on to say,  “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. In other words, even if the name of the flower called “rose” was called “cactus”, it would smell the same way.

While that assertion would sound great in a play, the reality stands distinct.

Take as an instance and judge for yourself. Real Madrid’s nicknames are as follows:

Los Merengues” – a kind of dessert, you get the idea  below:

Tray of piped Meringues

Los Blancos” – literally means, the Whites (for obvious reasons). These names are class. They have another less common name called “galacticos“, implying an expensive Real Madrid player.

Juventus, probably faithful followers of Shakespeare analogy chose an ‘amazing’ name – “The Old Ladies”. This is me thinking the rusty implications of that so-called Old Lady rather impeded the strides of Juventus’ players. I am thinking they should have a rethink. 

This sounds sarcastic but it isn’t. Really. A short while ago, I read about the marketing tactic behind the word “Google”. And someone commented that merely saying you want to “Google something” gives it this flavor. So, yes, a name matters after all.

In that business venture, that idea, that product, think carefully about the name. There is something in a name.

#2 Your coach matters

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There are those skeptical about being under a coach, a tutor. There is this pervading mindset of “I can do it all by myself” – the one-man army. Kudos to you if you succeed, but it is better not to sacrifice success on the altar of assumptions.

Simply put, you need a coach! It really isn’t dark magic, a metaphysical thesis or rocket science to understand that 60% of why Real Madrid won came on the wings of their coach’s – Zidane’s experience – a great player turned an instinctive coach.

No matter the angle you look at it from, you really cannot go far without a coach, a good one at that. A coach that can relate to your experiences, who has experienced the brunt of your struggles. Someone you can in fact, look up to.

The calm and composure of Real Madrid, especially in the second half was reminiscent of their coach’s demeanor – the Hitman-esque chilling composure. If you cannot find a physical mentor or coach, their many virtual mentors you can follow and read about, gleaning from their wealth of experience.

#3 Opportunity favors the prepared

It is almost certain that every one can remember those last minute memorization we underwent in high school – Secondary school. Brushing over topics that needless to say, did not seem to stick no matter how hard you tried.

Oh well, it can be traced beyond this difficulty in sticking to a gaping unpreparedness. Casting my mind back, I remember some of my more genius mates levitating as it were, into the classroom. Nothing in their hands! They scared me, literally. They came prepared.

Understand it this way: You can never be over prepared. In more literal terms, you can over dress to an occasion, and you might be teased by other folks; but being under dressed, is unforgivable.

I quipped when I read an article on about the individual team’s activities before the match. The writer remarked, (paraphrased), “…as the Juventus players went through a rigorous round of fitness warm ups, Madrid’s players could be seen exchanging hugs, smiles and banters”. That is it!

Preparation always brings a certain confidence. With the right preparation every competition turns into a walk over.


#4 Destiny is in Believing

To non-football fans, there is something called “the curse of the champions league”: No team has ever won the Champions League – an European competition, back-to-back – in sequence, no.

After the match, Sergio Ramos, a Real Madrid player was recorded to have said, “Our success is no accident…”. That singular belief has resounded ultimately in the winning of the much coveted Champions’ League trophy. Champions of Europe, they were crowned all because of BELIEF.

In the course of the 2016/2017 season, there were several matches where Real Madrid had to come back from a goal down, and in most of these matches, Sergio Ramos was majorly the man on target.

Things may not seem like they are working out, your belief will keep you going.

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Your name, your coach, your preparedness, your belief are indispensable qualities that will make anyone including YOU, Champions, not just of your world, but of yourself.

Do you have any other thing to add friend?