covenant university analysis

Affording Covenant University (C.U): A Symbol of ‘Bondage’ or ‘Freedom’?

The Ota-based archetype of private University education has been in the news recently for a variety of reasons - some totally explicable, others beating even the most intuitive of imagination. Well, the choice of the word "archetype" is intended to portray a telling insight of the overriding influence she has on other private institutions - a model of sorts. For the purpose of this piece in any case, attention should be drawn by you to adjudge for yourself as to…

the journey unodiscuss

Why the Journey is more important than the Destination

Let your joy be in your journey - not in some distant goal. - Tim Cook The sirens from the flower-decked convoy of wedding revelers blared as the excitement in the air contagiously affected one and all. It was a massively anticipated ceremony. The bride, ever gorgeous - both in gait and poise smiled shyly as she came down from her customized car. This wasn't the usual wedding. This was the gathering of the high and mighty - individuals with…