Martin Luther King and Malcolm X

No, don’t stay on Facebook, go to the online ‘royal rumbles’ of Nigerians, viz, Nairaland, Linda Ikeji, and see the total squalor of hate Nigerians subject themselves to.

I never knew of the word “Afonja” until I saw it on Nairaland. Other words like “flathead” shot through the screen as I found myself unconsciously fiddling with the topology of my own head.

Tribal generalizations, from being funny have turned into the de facto. From jokes like “the Yorubas are dirty” to “Igbos like money”, hateful generalizations have become the mainstay. Even those who should be enlightened accept these hurtful generalizations and see themselves subconsciously floating in this cesspit of untruths.

I saw two Nigerians fighting along the road. One was Igbo, the other was Yoruba. I studied the tones of their melanin concentrations, one contrasted the other.

This was supposed to be a slight misunderstanding, but I watched as it hurriedly became a debate for opponents and proponents of the “Lagos is a No-Man’s land” thesis. Forgive me, if I add that I wasn’t in the mood to separate any fight. Been long I watched wrestling on A Free-To-Air Channel.

I observed as their show of macho-ism saw one gripping the other with an astonishing hold – you could hear the bones crack and the muscles stretching beyond their allowable taut. Blows were exchanged in comely fashion as I increased my distance in case of a mistaken identity.

From afar I watched.

And just as if in a trance, I saw these two youths of vigor in chains. Ferried clumsily towards a ship. I watched how they were docked aboard murky waters. Tears filled my eyes. I watched how their slave masters looked upon them with spite and abject spit-filled distaste. Beasts they were. Uneducated beasts they will be. Fit only to work under the sun and snow in the far-reaching borders of my sugar plantation. It should be fitly noted that in doing so, they may be able to apply their strengths into more worthwhile endeavours.

I watched as the hate of both men swiftly spiralled into songs. As they carefully coined out anthems of hope and FREEDOM. Many years later….

Back to reality. Somewhere in Lagos, these two brutes were still over themselves in choler. Gasping from my ‘trance’, I shook my head as I walked away.

Was the white man once like this to a fellow white man? Yes, of course! How did they come out, with haste from that dystopia? They recognized the awesome power of togetherness, of unity, as the ULTIMATE REPOSE OF FREEDOM.

Indeed language is often known to cause misunderstanding. Wasn’t it why, in the first place, citizens of the Tower of Babel abandoned the Babel project? There should be an understanding however of the far-reaching effects of you, innocuously speaking a language around those who will find it offensive. Why not teach them for a start?

I refuse to agree that my fellow black man lives in a zoo. What logic or anecdotal evidence can lend credence to that story?

Stop the hate! It is too great a burden to bare!

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Tribes are formed from families. Families are founded upon lifestyles. Lifestyles are founded upon perspectives. Therefore, tribes are founded upon perspectives. Look at life from another’s perspective.

For instance, it is not your fault you are born poor or rich. But it is your fault if you don’t admit this perspective and choose to gain positive momentum from that understanding.

Read an interview somewhere about Biggy and Tupac. “Westside blah blah” diss of the late ’80s/’90s. Tupac was quite vocal against Biggy – relatively more anyway. If I remember correctly, Biggy became tired of this tirade of calumny. So when he was asked, what he thought about Tupac, he replied, (paraphrased), why should I diss a fellow black man, he is my brother.

Imagine being surrounded by white supremacists and all you have as a lyric is “I f***d your mom”. Imagine the ‘noobish’ folly of folks whose fathers presumably shared the same cabin?

As a starting point:

1) Delete and block out of your life any hate agent – daily pestering you on the contrasts and comparisons of various tribes.

2) Try to understand the culture and lifestyles of those who you feel differ from yours.

3) Have an understanding of your roots and you may discover that there is a relationship between everyone that has the indigenous African gene.

By the way, inter-tribal marriages are still the best. Lol.

Inter racial kids

All the Xenophobia, the nigga-calling, the OPC and Biafra separatist movement, the gun-blazing and selfish “restructuring” movements all stem from the fact that the black man has refused to come to the understanding that we are all the same in the eyes of the slave masters.

If you choose not to be together, you will sleep in the same cabin with the same brother you once spat on and dissed.

We are one.

What do you have to say about this dear friend?