A time piece

Let’s take a short trip back in time. Press the RED button and off we go! We are traveling at reverse speeds of more than 10 years per second or 315,360,000 seconds per second! almost 10 minutes into your journey you press the stop button and at once you are in a hot and dusty desert. A light breeze blow across the dry earth as you begin to explore this strange region. Your time dial has informed you that you are in the year 1600 BC.You are here to hear from Moses’ own lips the words of a song you have read in your Bible.

This song of Moses is set in the vast dusty plains near Moab, the very edge of the unforgiving desert. A man is standing on a small knoll, talking animatedly. Around him a crowd stands listening. His name? Moses. Aha! You have heard so much about him. You would even like to listen to one of his sermons yourself so you join the large quiet crowd. “What’s he doing?” you ask. “Singing,” he replies. You listen …

Moses spreading out his arms

“… Is this how we deal with the Lord, O foolish and unwise people?” Moses cries, his words escaping like thunder claps across the barren desert-scapes. The silence that follows is awesome and momentary as he continues. Indeed the silence is more pronounced after he has finished and the men hesitantly broke up in clusters and leave the assembly grounds. Hundreds of years later one of their descendants; Daniel would stand looking at the burning ruin of his once beautiful home. Jerusalem. The Lord had brought to pass His word to Moses. Daniel consulted with history. His prayers in chapter 9 of his book tell us the story. At this stage of Christianity especially in Nigeria, we need to come to terms with what has been or else…

Is this how we deal with the Lord, O foolish and unwise people!

Do we forget so quickly the trail over which we have come? Ah! Jeshurun has indeed waxed fat and see how he kicks. A little touch of history perhaps will help us here. The Byzantine church waxed fat under Roman protection. It was crushed by internal discrepancies, heresies, hypocrisy and political maneuverings long before the barbarians crushed Rome and the Turks conquered Constantinople. Time and again history repeats itself, yet we fail to learn. “Remember the days of old, consider the years of many generations, ask thy father and he will show thee; thy elders and they will tell thee …” The church has always fallen in her times of prosperity. Is it because prosperity is bad? No! But it is because the church always steps back and relaxes. “Woe to them that dwell at ease in Zion!” the prophet declares. Read: Why the church is failing.

Why? Usually it is because we do not see the “boiling pot.”  Alexandria did not see the boiling pot and today Islam rules Egypt. So it happened to Turkey. The Church of England failed to see the boiling pot and look at the skeletons the so-called “Enlightenment” left of it! The satan inspired Inquiry to Nature (that gave birth to modern day atheism and Darwinism), the baseless and unscientific assumption unfit to be titled “theory” of evolution, the apostasy that continues to this very day and its consequent paradigms bearing titles like: liberalism, atheism, agnosticism, and more recently Oriental mysticism and New Age cults. Everywhere you turn, history is repeating itself. The boiling pot of Jeremiah is tipped again ready to spill and we are … blind!path of the cross of the Lord

Is this how we deal with the Lord?

By failing repeatedly and deliberately refusing to know God’s will? By establishing Sardis type churches and churning out shadow-Christians? (Rev. 3:1-7) By getting carried away with politics, power, fame, the fads, liberal theologies … need I say more? What happened to the pattern that was set by Jesus and confirmed by His disciples?

At this juncture, I have to say that the church NEVER dies through persecution. The devil knows better. Instead, he relies on subtle spiritual prosecution to fall the church. We die through neglecting to execute Jesus’ wishes. And the devil is a master at filing charges against the saints of God and if we have no testimony (not the type we give at church), if we are not willing to “resist unto blood striving against sin…” Forget it that church is already dead and it may soon be stamped out through persecution. Europe comes to mind right now…

Is this how we deal with the Lord?

By teaching for pay and prophesying for money and yet we claim God’s presence and power. Micah 3: 11-12. As much as would like to my job is not to educate on church history, we have enough institutions to do that, internet inclusive! And can I say that the church is God’s greatest enemy. Before you crucify me; the church I refer to here is the man-made organization that thrives on mockery of all Jesus represents or at least the “weightier” matters of the Scriptures. How else do you explain a situation where the church presents magical shows in the place of God’s real power? The manifestations of the enemy are pointers to the fact that the church is powerless. We simply have failed in our responsibility of winning souls from satan’s camp. We may well be the greatest contributors to the devil’s growing army.

Is this how we deal with the Lord?

We ignore, accept and even partake in the attacks and conspiracies against God’s Church. Have you ever:

  1. Questioned God’s authority, His power, His judgements or right to rule your life?
  2. Rejected the veracity of the Word as the final authority regarding a personal (or not-so-personal) matter?
  3. Ever disobeyed God’s leading?
  4. Substituted Truth for error and Judgement for permission?
  5. Joined in occult and spiritual rituals in whatsoever name we call it today.

I’m guessing you were caught, just like I was. The thing for me is this, we ought to start looking backward so we can actually escape the traps forward. Scripture and commonsense teach it. when are we going to start learning from history? Actually I think its a great failing of humanity. History always repeats itself but man generally always fails this universal test. God is watching, dependent on a largely incapacitated church that includes you and me.

The next time you sit in a church meeting, honestly ask yourself, “What am I doing here? What does God want me to do here?”