Not one. Not two. Not three voices welcomed with unabated glee the news of Mr. ‘Tuface’ Idibia’s intention of amplifying the masses’ cry of concern – by reason of the extensive suffering transcending political and tribal lines. Every well-kept and hidden remonstration – the result of a realization of being conned for a pseudo-change, saw the light of ‘the day’ – of the voicing of frustrations en masse.
Tuface idibia pose

A rather trivial example of the relief felt when someone else echoes your inner yearnings is evident in a bus. This has happened to everyone at least once. Imagine embarking on a journey from Abuja en route Lagos. Unfortunately, from the start of the journey, you had a strong impression of visiting the lavatory – or something similar, but probably due to the fact that you wanted to showcase your machoism, you exploited every trick in the book with the aim in mind of repressing the threatening dam of your bladder.

Curiously, you kept on this game of repression till somewhere around an enclave in Osun state, a fellow passenger – a brash ‘illiterate’ says, “driver, abeg I wan piss”. Envisage the excitement of someone voicing out what you feel – but chose to repress because of some unfounded poise.

Mr. Idibia was the “I-wan-piss” illiterate in this country-bus, especially of frustrated youth-folk who bear most of the brunt that they came to find themselves in. In any case, Mr. Idibia’s voicing out is a case of a youth – literally, going against the defacto law of “youths are not ready for leadership”. A breath of fresh air. We the youths are now ready! No going back!

The date of the protest was announced and advertised. Then it happened!

It happened.



A video of a grimy-faced, sleepy-eyed Mr. Idibia emerged. The volumes of phones and other similar gadgets were increased to pick out the words of the “African Queen” crooner. “Security reasons” was the reason given for the premature postponement. The social media went agog. Twitter warriors and veterans in Facebook-warfare reported for duty, not to be left out of this media free-for-all. This ‘illiterate’ who told the driver of our ‘ruderless’ ship “I wan piss” seems to have reneged on his word.

“I told you he was a coward” rented the air. Sahara Reporters captioned itTuface Idibia Chickens Out…“. In other words, he became cockereled.

Truth – relative in many instances must be told. Most of the critics and cynics of the renegade-esque stunt pulled by Mr. Idibia are either moved by sentiments or have refused to see the BIGGER PICTURE. Those who for instance claim that Mr. Idibia is a coward need to be asked: were they in a deep slumber when the love-themed vocalist crooned on these lines – ‘…Because ‘they’ think the money gives them the power?’ Were they reacting to a sedative when he went further to say, ‘the power is nothing if your people cannot get quality education?’. They don’t really care about us’ he pitched in rhythmic melody in 2006. Is there a possibility the writer is suffering from selective amnesia to know or not, whether he received a car gift from Governor Akpabio in 2006?

The BIGGER PICTURE is being avoided, dodged and excluded – probably as a result of the after effects of the barrages of suffering. But even in dementia, there should still be room for understanding of basics.

In a facebook post the writer made recently, he explicitly noted on these lines: “After the protest/rally endorsed and organized by 2face and friends, what else? Will there be a magical wave of economic recovery after the satellites in Aso Rock picks up the baying signals and sweaty chemical splurtings on the streets? I think those who will come out for the protest would be those who have eaten and are physically fit. I also think that the supporter-base in Lagos and other empathetic groups will do more battle on Twitter than the precinct of Ojuelegba. Coming up with a sound and strategic economic plan will go a long way in our yearnings for true change instead of clamouring on the streets for those who don’t even have the capacity of hearing you. Leave stray bullets for martyrs please!”

tuface idibia comment *unodiscuss

Beyond the faze-theme of that post, the reality of the BIGGER PICTURE can be inferred. The BIGGER PICTURE is the picture of calculated suppression. A desperate attempt to do everything possible to deflect the failures of the current administration. This is not a question of cowardice, this was a demonstration of extreme caution.

Martyrdom is the fate of a select few, who by choice have accepted their end without looking back. But for one – a martyr still, who knows that his actions will put the lives of many others in danger, it would be foolhardy going forward with those intents – noble they may seem. This is the BIGGER PICTURE.

Mr. Idibia has created a precursor that will lead to a greater cry for justice, competence and accountablility in the comind days. And being inspired by his predigree and past to proposing solutions to the hoards of problems, without resorting to name-calling will go a long way in getting what we most yearn for.

Leave the stray bullets for martyrs.

What is your opinion on this?