Over the course of the past few days, I’ve become more aware of some dangerous blindspots in my life. I have also come to appreciate the fact that blindspots are not what you leave to chance, ignore or give lackadaisical effort to correct. They are real seeds that can cause a lot of trouble. Consider the story of the man Samson in the Bible, his most obvious problem was women. Obviously he did not see that as a problem. In life and if we must win and grow we must always identify and get rid of blocks, cross gaps and scale fences. The key to doing this successfully often lies in looking behind you. It is said that, you cannot see the mess on your behind, but that is because you are not looking. You can and should make every effort to look behind you while moving forward.

Drivers are constantly trying to identify their blindspots. As a driver its one of the skill combinations you must learn. The truth is, “Nobody watches your back for you. Nobody!” and just as drivers invent systems that help check their back so you must.

First, Identify the Blindspots.

You must first see what you cannot see, if you want to make necessary adjustments to your direction. You must first become more aware of some dangerous blindspots in your life so you can make better decisions. The question then is, “What is hidden in plain sight?” Here are a few.

  • Spiritual Blindspots:

    In Isaiah’s book, he speaks about the blind state of the Israelites. He says that they have ears that are “ever hearing, but never understanding,” and eyes that are “ever seeing, but never perceiving.” (Isaiah 6: 9, 10; 42:20) He went on to say that if they heard with their ears, saw with their eyes and understood with their hearts that they would be healed. Think about that for a second. The Bible also says that everyday “utters speech,” and ” shows knowledge”. It is my responsibility to hear what God is saying at any point in time so I can live accordingly. If I fail in this singularly greatest point, I’ve already failed no matter what I end up achieving. Ask yourself now, “What is God saying to me, now and for my future?”

  • Emotional Blindspots

    That emotions play a vital role in every man’s life, cannot be over emphasized. However, if we do not force our emotions to play their role but allowed it to dabble into the department of reason, chaos is inevitable! Emotional blindspots are what I perceive emotionally that is not true or realistic. It is the emotional lies we tell ourselves. The fake ideological nonsense founded and spawned by TV shows, Romance novels, pie-in-the-sky dreams, etcetra all qualify as emotional blinders!

  • Dream Blindspots

    Dreams are the foundation of all success. By dreams I mean, the picture you have conceived of who you want to become and where want to go in life. Dreams are important and it is always good advice to dream and dream big, but what if my dream and reality are mismatched? What if my dream is only an illusion? Suppose my definition of success does not fit with my purpose, my reason, my ME? What then? Situations like this are blindspots hidden on our otherwise wonderful dreams. Consider the case of Ludwig van Beethoven. He wanted to be a conductor. However his style was odd, to say the least. When conducting soft passages he’d crouch down. When the music called for a crescendo, he’d leap into the air with a shout. One time he jumped to cue a dramatic passage, but the musicians didn’t respond. he’d lost rack of his place and jumped too soon. the musicians often looked to the first violinist instead o him for direction… The musicians begged him to give up his dream of becoming a great conductor. Finally he did. From then on, Ludwig van Beethoven gave up conducting and focused his attention on composing. Ever listened to Fur Elise?

This list is certainly not exhaustive. There is also the matter of Leadership blindspots. However, it remains my duty to become more aware of dangerous blindspots in my life. So? Live on. Grow your knowledge about what you need to know but don’t forget what you don’t know that you don’t know.