Brash, impulsive, petulant – some of the most gory adjectives in the book don’t seem sufficient in describing Donald Trump, President of the United States. For many, the standard of civility, poise and wit should not be sacrificed on the altar of brashness and peevishness. In fact a new word – “Dontrumpish” – esoteric in usage should be invented in describing the state of one, anyone who has exhausted his/her mileage of capriciousness.
Donald Trump rode on the back of massive populism – a rallying hope to so-called ‘deplorables’ – an esoteric set who were tired of the status quo and capitalized on the privileges of the electoral college to display their angst against liberal ideologies.
There is a massive ‘shake-up’ going on right now, easily traced to the banning especial to peoples of Iran, Iraq, Syrian, Sudanese, Yemen, Libyan and Somalian extraction, from entering the United States for the time being.
The liberal based media has called this move rash and uncalled for, but it should be seen as a step in the right direction.
One of Obama’s undoings one may very well suppose, was disregarding or rather ignoring the potent threat of ISLAMIC extremism, and adorning this very threat the garb of “sentimental diplomacy”. And also the persecution of Christians and other minority groups in places like Syria.
Of the group of countries banned, Iran, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Sudan all refuse entry to foreign travelers holding passports or travel documents indicating that they have been to, or are affiliated in some way with Israel.
Can you imagine that! Read it again, these countries dont care whether you are a Jew, they just need an AFFILIATION to the Jewish state to restrict you from access to their countries.
In any case, the well-known parable of “the whited sepulchre” seems to be inverted in Mr. Trump’s case, as it is evident that his inside are filled with gems – gems which everyone – friend or foe, can glean from.

The five (things) to note from the brash mogul are as given below:
#1 Be Yourself
One can’t easily exhaust this exhortation – Be Yourself! You stand a lot to lose by trying to lose what makes you YOU as highlighted in this article, 5 Sure Ways to Deal with Rejection. Donald Trump exemplifies that in his tweet following the Orlando shooting massacre on June 12, 2016:
“Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don’t want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. We must be smart!”
There really wasn’t any tinge of diplomatic rhetorics or politicially-correct calm-speeches. This was someone who has come to terms with his being blunt – yes, that’s the word. There is further exemplification displayed in his acceptance speech in the Republican National Convention of July 21, 2016 which reads:

“I alone can fix it.”


For a moment, it should be well noted that anyone who can speak in such irrational tone is either entirely crazy or enormously confident – no two ways about it; Confidence being an offshoot of an established identity.
#2 Forge strategic alliances
With a number of experiences in people management in the corporate world, Donald Trump has shown as usual, the importance of forming strong alliances. Alliances are not formed based on sentiments, they are formed via a well thought-out strategy.
donald trump and hillary clinton sharing a laugh *unodiscuss

Donald Trump having a good time with the Clintons

No two ways about it, the period of electioneering is a time of forging alliances. As opposition candidates pith against themselves, with their manifestos laid out bare, the complexities of seeking a favourable position amongst the contenders is not achieved by wishful thinking. It is achieved by forging significant alliances.

It becomes all the more strategic when these alliances are from the most unlikely of sources – ‘the deplorables’. Those who are not up to the mark – who can only boast of a certain amount of crudeness and naivety to the happenings of the elitist society. An alliance with this set of people can only assure of something – victory. “We have nothing to lose, why not give it our all while we may?”.

#3 The General Consensus Doesn’t Determine the Outcome of Your Resolve


The Electoral College is a process, not a place. The founding fathers established it in the American as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens. In other words, the process of electing the President is not accomplished by the so-called “Popular Vote“. One cannot simply overlook the foresight of the founding fathers.
During the last US electioneering, polls – elitist polls that mobbed the cyberspace was beyond imaginable. Save for one or two genius predictions – probably borne out of instinct than quantitative data, the general poll-consensus was that Donald Trump had little, if anything substantive at all to win the elections.
This and many more highlight the opinions of the general population who didn’t believe for a moment that a classless, witless, peevish character sitted on the pinnacle of “Dontrumpism” will go AGAINST ALL ODDS to become President. This is the outcome of a Firm Resolve. A resolve not shaken by fatalistic monologues (of, what will be will be), neither by the illusion of insurmountable challenges waiting to take one’s resolve by the jugular.
The idea? Push forward in your resolve. “Success is the ONLY option, failure’s NOT”, says Eminem.
Are there any thoughts you would love to share?