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The Book of Romance chapter INTIMACY

It is rather straightforward. In reality, the more you have something, the more you really don't have the desire to have more of it. This is what Economics refers to as the law of diminishing returns (sorry for introducing a 'boring' concept for those who hate Economics). For example, no matter how you someone loves DRINKING ALCOHOL, one of these 'days' you will probably get tired of those bottles of alcohols and look for solace in a deep disquieted sleep. For starters, the topic…

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‘Guilty’ Idibia: Two-faced or too fazed

Not one. Not two. Not three voices welcomed with unabated glee the news of Mr. 'Tuface' Idibia's intention of amplifying the masses' cry of concern - by reason of the extensive suffering transcending political and tribal lines. Every well-kept and hidden remonstration - the result of a realization of being conned for a pseudo-change, saw the light of 'the day' - of the voicing of frustrations en masse. A rather trivial example of the relief felt when someone else echoes your…

forgotten but not forsaken

“Forgotten but Not GodForsaken” – A Review

A review of Ademola Adedeji’s book “Forgotten but Not Forsaken” Author Name Ademola Adedeji Book Title   FORGOTTEN, BUT NOT FORSAKEN [The God of the mountain also stays with you while in the valley] Number of Chapters/Words 14 / 41,870 Download Links Smashwords Okadabooks READ: A Review of “Called to the Pulpit, but not a Pastor” The annals of history is awash and replete with memories - some comely, others - just the opposite, of those who have either carried out brave and…

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Donald Trump: 3 Things to Note from the Brash Mogul

Brash, impulsive, petulant - some of the most gory adjectives in the book don't seem sufficient in describing Donald Trump, President of the United States. For many, the standard of civility, poise and wit should not be sacrificed on the altar of brashness and peevishness. In fact a new word - "Dontrumpish" - esoteric in usage should be invented in describing the state of one, anyone who has exhausted his/her mileage of capriciousness. Donald Trump rode on the back of…