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Want to be Successful? 3 Strategies to Envy Management

Envy management? The first thing that would course through your mind is: "why should that matter?" Why, for instance is the justification behind someone else looking at you and wishing he/she has achieved up to what you have achieved. The 'quantum' of your achievements is not the point. How do you really channel ENVY, just like most greats - the Sir Walter Raleighs and the J. Turners. Of all the disorders of the soul, envy is the only one no one confesses…

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A Review of “Called to the Pulpit, but not a Pastor”

A review of Ademola Adedeji’s book “Called to the Pulpit, but not a Pastor”   “Called to the Pulpit, but not a Pastor” - One body, different parts, different functions, but one mission, highlights the need for understanding the basis of one’s calling. An eight-chaptered master-exhortation of an inspiration that started out on the 26th July, 2013. In the author’s words, “I went to bed on the night of 26th July, 2013 with so many questions on my mind. The day…