meeting new people *unodiscussWe are all faced with the fortunate experience of meeting new people, new individuals from all works of life. However, we are also inundated with the unfortunate prospect of being misunderstood by those we come in contact with.

Sometimes, this is due to the fact that those who may likely misunderstand us, are not usually up to par – granted. However, what if the primary reason for which we were misunderstood was because we ourselves were not up to par intelligent-wise? I can wager that this happens more often than not.

Incidences such as this either makes us better or bitter. It can only make us better if and when we acknowledge our indispositions intelligently, and choose to learn from them – instead of fuming bitterly from being misunderstood, or being taken for a fool.

So how do you know when someone is more intelligent than you?

#1 They ask most/all of the questions

People asking questions *unodiscussEven rhetorical ones! Highly intelligent people are highly inquisitive. Indeed, Albert Einstein was quoted to have said, “there  are no stupid questions, only stupid people”. 

Questions have answers and answers have insights – the insights are what are normally required by more intelligent folks you come across. You may be misunderstood by them for actually providing answers that are void of insights. Nothing new from what they have already known.

So what is the solution? Ask more questions, get newer answers. But don’t stop there. Get more insight to what you already know. That way, you will be on your way to the top of the intelligence food chain.

#2 They are mostly paranoid

a suspicious look *unodiscussThis is one exceptional quality of highly intelligent people. They take EVERYTHING, including what they know in the first place, with a pinch of salt. They groom themselves with the motto, “extreme suspicion for every information received”. 

This has its negatives, but for the most part, it stimulates the noble path of VERIFICATION – Ascertaining whether or not something is true. The process of verification will go a long way to make sure that the probability of falling into avoidable mistakes and errors is reduced drastically.

#3 They blend and mix up with like-minds

student group study *unodiscussHave you noticed that even from pre-school, the intelligent kids always move in groups? Sometimes, they may have other kids as playmates, but their real acquaintances are those with a similar make up and ideology. From that early age! They do this to sharpen their already attained level of conscious knowledge. It is like a sharpening process – sharpening up, going blunt and coming back for more sharpening. A major way of exploiting that process is by being with more intelligent minds who are willing and ready to develop themselves.

It is good to emphasize that, being with those more intelligent than you is more than necessary in attaining a certain level of intelligence. Like an old adage goes, “never be the most intelligent person in a room”. 

There is always something to discover, something to decipher and something to learn when you walk with those more intelligent than you are.

#4 They understand the precious tool of Active Silence

Imagine walking into a conference room, a classroom – anywhere some form of intelligent and unintelligent conversations are bound to happen, and you notice someone all mute, but not in a bored kind of way; In an absorbing, ‘taking-in’ sort of way. This attribute is quite peculiar with intelligent people.

This silence is not out of boredom (in some instances it could be though), but is an active form of silence that involves keen observation, a gleeful expression and fixed onlooking. It is not this

a bored look *unodiscuss

It is this:

a thoughtful expression *unodiscuss Silence spurs innovation, insight, and careful deliberations. In fact, it is a sign of wisdom in many cases.

Silence is also useful in meditations – an art that can also quicken insights – away from the noise of the world, just you and your thoughts. 

Practice and imbibe these rules, and also watch out for those who keep to these principles and see your intelligence rock the world.

Keep Glowing. Share Forward.