Scenario 1

a bad odor

You enter a room. You are ‘greeted’ with a horrible smell which technically put, is the perception of odorants by our brains. By some twist of fate, you remain in that room (against your wishes of course) and BOOM!

A Miracle: you can’t seem to perceive that smell anymore. This phenomenon is called sensory adaptation. As the phrase implies, your brain adapts to the smell after you extend your ‘bearing’ of that smell.

“If you like go and die”. Bear with me this once!

Scenario 2

shocked faceThis has happened to nearly everyone. You stumbled upon, inquisitively, or otherwise, on some x-rated website. At first – the first instance, you were remarkably stunned, temporarily brain-stuttered and visually blurred at other instances. But like an evening haze, you overcame that initial heart-thumping feeling and became ACCUSTOMED to the view and the feel of such wanton expressions. We overcome our prior ‘innocence’, if you may, and became victims of this endemic – ‘sensory adaptation’.

“If you like go and die”. Bear with me finally!

Scenario 3

It is shown in feeds, streamed and watched – both live and playback – images of war. Charred, Scarred and maimed bodies thronging the streets. Iran, Syria, Nigeria, name it. Rivers of blood shown in real-time. Nauseating – at first, but you still watched. There are always wars, so you watched more and more war reports. Small ‘wars’ – riots, gang squabbles, and bigger wars. You and I became ACCUSTOMED to violence and blood that a new view of them doesn’t irk any emotion.

Scenarios are the windows in the house of lessons.

The balance of humanism and humanity among humans has been rigged.[Tweet “The balance of humanism and humanity among humans has been rigged.”]

Humanism as I would love to focus on in this case, is EMPATHY – the ability to share someone else’s feelings – the bedrock of humanism and humanity.

Employers have lost EMPATHY towards their employees. Profit is the goal, but the process of profit is negligible. The Government has lost empathy towards her citizens. Individual interests commonly supersede public needs. This is a DAILY occurrence both in words and deed.

Therefore we are faced with a danger. A danger of being ACCUSTOMED to a paucity of EMPATHY. This accustomation is made all the more dangerous because of the chain reaction involved therein.

A story made the media-rounds about a young undergraduate in his final year in the University, who took his own life. Various reasons were given for the unfortunate decision. Many said he lost a lot of money through gambling, others said he became depressed. However, one comment struck me above all: “He would have given some hints to his friends, but they would have laughed it off, and said, IF YOU LIKE GO AND DIE”. It occurred to me that that might be the likely scenario after all.

We have generally become ACCUSTOMED to the prospects of death and violence that a mere suggestion of these horrible subjects creates an innate optimism to water down the seriousness of the moment.

Look around you, beyond the noise of the world, someone needs to be EMPATHIZED with. Someone needs another person who can share in one’s experiences. Someone needs a listening ear. Not far, close by!

Show a proof of your humanity. Let your ACCUSTOMATION not transcend your humanity negatively. For in accepting our humanity by EMPATHY, do we embrace CONSTANT PEACE.

[Tweet “For in accepting our humanity by EMPATHY, do we embrace CONSTANT PEACE.”]

“If you like, go and die” never should be heard again, hopefully.

Keep Glowing. Share Forward.