‘Godly Sins’ and their Underlying Usefulness

Some throwback

Many months ago, I was told about a very fine Christian, cum Pastor who was accosted by armed robbers. Nothing amazes more, believe me. He was finely intimidated and then asked, “do you have any money with you?”, he replied meekly, ” yes, I do”. If my memory serves me right, even after bringing the money initially ‘requested’, he was questioned again on the same matter, to which he replied one more time, in the affirmative. See the strange part. When he was asked – after the incident, why he obliged the robbers’ request the second time, he replied, still meekly or should I say piously, with “I am a Christian, I can’t lie”.

Read that again.

It means that, if he had had his whole account with him at that moment, he would have obliged their requests steadily and iteratively, until he was bankrupt all because he didn’t want to lie! Funny. It is.

That incident in consonance with others led me on a life-long search of understanding the distinction between ‘naivety’ and ‘gentleness’, between ‘faith’ and ‘foolishness’. I believe (I may be wrong) that distinguishing between Godly Sins and Sinful Sins will help get an insight on the benefits of the latter.

I list out some of these Godly sins:

1. Godly Lying. A lady called Rahab, the public lady, was received into the scriptural hall of fame for possessing this comely virtue. When some of Joshua’s men came to spy on the land of Canaan, she hid them, that’s not all. When she was interrogated about the whereabouts of the “spies”, she evidently lied. But that singular act made her remembered as a woman of faith.

I had a tussle with some friends recently about the definition of a lie. The more populist definition was that “a lie was simply what isn’t truth”. I beg to differ. Even ” the truth” can be a lie. The only difference between “truth” and “faith” is that one is evidenced VISIBLY, the other is evidenced, INVISIBLY. Heaven is faith while we are on earth, and beckmes truth when we get to heaven. As an instance, the blind man that Jesus healed was asked, “what do you see?”, he answered, ” I see men as trees”. Did he lie? No. Did he say the truth? Yes. Did Jesus accept that truth? No. Why?

Because the Truth the otherwise blind man said was sinfully said. Why? Because anything not of faith is sin.

So summarily when does “the Truth” become a lie? When it is spoken without faith. When does “a lie” become “truth”? (As far as ” the lie” falls within moral boundaries), when it is spoken with faith. Remember truth is evidenced visibly.

2. Godly Disobedience. Jesus told a man, “this miracle you see me perform, please don’t tell anybody“. You know what the man did? He broadcast it everywhere. Lol. Why? Did Jesus condemn him? No. Did he disobey? Yes.

When does Disobedience become Godly? When it is driven by sincere and noble desires.

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This is where so many church goers miss it. The fear of not going against what their ” leader” says, albeit morally just. Laughable isn’t it? You, by yourself, demean yourself. Restrict yourself, because you want to fall under the group of ‘do-gooders’. This is an average mentality, a mediocre mindset. You know why everyone can’t be trailblazers? Because among ‘everyone’, there exists a subset who are ‘obedient’ to a fault. Let discretion guide you.

3. Godly anger. Many folks don’t realize the way the body is created. It is created to hold and to spill. That is the balance. When you hold more than you are to spill, a problem. When you spill when you are to hold, a problem. There must be a balance. So what drives this spill-and-hold theory, one may ask? Words and actions, especially of conflicting minds drive one nuts. What do you do then? SPILL IT!

Why do we deceive ourselves? I have seen people hold and hold because of so-calked meekness, and then when they spill, its calamitous. What if I tell you that being angry is a commandment? “Be angry and sin not”. ” Be angry”, please, “be angry”. Express yourself angrily, without insults. Agrily, without assaults. Angrily, without arson. That’s Godly. Jesus used a whip on people. Great! You will be less of an hypocrite, feigning peity and holiness without realness and substance.

Why go through the pains of penning down a sins-thesis?

One of the most favourite terms in the KJV of the bible is “wilful ignorance”: An ability to accept not to know. It is extremely plausible when foolishness in Christendom and other circles is being gauged.

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Imbibe these Godly Sins folks and see our lives foster much substance in the near future.

Keep Glowing. Share Forward.

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